Why Choose Us?

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Ilene Rosoff
Founder and President

I was the kid who always taking things apart, always wanting to how it worked and how to fix it.  I loved troubleshooting and I loved designing and building systems that worked.  To me, the engineering and design of a thing was fascinating.  When computers hit the scene, I was hooked.  I never minded being the only girl in the hobby shop or installing the network at a customer site.  I hope my passion for what I do brings something unique to the table and maybe gets others excited about the incredible ways these powerful tools can work for you.

When I started The Launch Pad 17 years ago I realized two things: one was that most small businesses and organizations were severely underusing their technology systems because they bought or were sold the wrong tools for the job or they were not trained on how to use them.  The other was that technology and now the web can be the great equalizer. It can allow a smaller businesses to look like and function like a big ones.  With the right choices of hardware, software, management, training and web presence, you can vastly improve efficiency, create and convey your brand and message and, dare I say at the risk of sounding like a geek, have fun doing it

At The Launch Pad, we have a different vision of the relationship between humans and  technology.  We believe technology should serve humans, not the other way around.  Our goal is to make technology understandable, very productive, exciting and appropriate to the task at hand.  We understand systems and how they work, and how we can make them work best for you; whether it is a complex, multitiered computer network for your business, a redesigned website or simply helping you select the right combination of hardware and software to create a business solution that really fits.

We don’t just sell computer products, we use our knowledge and expertise to help our customers understand them.  Our client solutions managers can work with you to design and purchase the technology that best suits your needs and fits your vision. We encourage you to communicate with us, ask questions, gain knowledge.  We make recommendations on products that we think offer the best in class and suggestions on items that work well together.  We want you to say “ah, ha”, to discover something that does exactly what you need it to.   If you have something that isn’t working, we’re here to help you fix it or find something better. Knowledge is power and we believe that by educating our customers we give you the power to make the tools of technology work for you.

Use our Live Chat, call, e-mail us with your questions.  On our website you’ll find a wealth of information in our Small Business Center, featured products and preselected Business Pacs along with suggestions and ideas about how to best to use them.  We feature a section of our blog called Cool Trends & Hot Topics to introduce you to technology tools and information that we feel are outstanding or inform you about exceptional value items.  Our online shopping site has access to over 650,000 products to meet your needs and a secure back room for you to manage and track your purchases and even view your order history.  Our expert sales staff is here to advise you.  We offer pre and post sales phone support .  Our onsite hardware technicians and network engineers are available to our local customers in West Central Florida for installation, support and repair.  If you’re not in our area, we’ll even help you locate a service provider local to you.  Because we want to help you consolidate your technology management, we offer web hosting and an expert web services team to help develop and manage your website.

Think of The Launch Pad as a jumping off point.  We are here to provide the springboard; for your business, for your personal vision. Where you go is up to you.Launch%20Pad%20Logo%20300x60