When you purchase a business notebook from The Launch Pad, you’ll receive 3 months of free web hosting on our Business Hosting 2000 Plan for your website either new or existing. Our web team will be happy to assist you in moving your existing site to one of our servers and set up any associated e-mail accounts.  If you are registering a new domain, we can also provide you with a proposal to develop your website.  If you require a different hosting plan, the $75.00 will be applied to whichever plan you choose to best fit your needs.

Or, if you prefer, you can opt for 3 free domain registrations or one-year renewals on nay existing domains you have registered. 

Once your notebook purchase is complete, our web services team will contact you to help set up your site or domains. 

For more information about our hosting plans and development services, please visit the Web Services section of our website.