What's a Windows Vista Capable PC?

VistaReadyThe next generation Microsoft operating system—Microsoft Windows Vista—is coming soon. What will Windows Vista mean for you? It will offer new levels of ease, security and reliability, a new interface, and simple ways to organize and search for information on your PC.

We've worked with Microsoft to help ensure that the PC you buy today can run Windows Vista when it's available. All of our new notebook and desktop PCs will be able to run Windows Vista* when properly configured.

Windows Vista will be available in editions ranging from Windows Vista Home Basic for entry-level home users to Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Business, for those needing more robust features and functionality*.

*Not all Windows Vista features are available for use on all Windows Vista Capable PCs. All Windows Vista Capable PCs will run the core experiences of Windows Vista, such as innovations in organizing and finding information, security, and reliability. Some features available in premium editions of Windows Vista—like the new Windows Aero user interface—require advanced or additional hardware.

Check www.windowsvista.com/getready for details.