Launch Pad purchases can be used with any standard manufacturer mail-in rebate form meeting purchase requirement.  Special manufacturer rebates and promotions will be highlighted on our featured products pages. Rebate forms are obtained from the manufacturer and are required to process mail-in rebates.  These are not shipped with Launch Pad orders but may be obtained from the manufacturer’s website or in some cases through a link to the form on our website. Instant rebates are offered directly through The Launch Pad and will appear at the time of your purchase.

Rebate Documentation Needed
Documentation required to receive your rebate will be listed on the manufacturer’s rebate form. Be sure to read this form carefully. Make and keep copies of all documentation for your records.

Rebate requirements vary, but there are generally 3 common components:

  • The UPC (Universal Product Code), which is located on the product packaging. In some cases, the terms of the rebate may require a serial number label instead of a UPC. Be sure to read the form carefully for these requirements.
  • A completed rebate form
  • A copy or original proof of purchase or invoice clearly showing your eligible date of purchase as defined on the rebate form. IMPORTANT: A print of your order confirmation page, e-mail or shipment confirmation e-mail is NOT a proof of purchase.

Each Launch Pad order is shipped with an invoice that can be used for your rebate.  Unless otherwise specified, you should make a copy of the invoice for the rebate submission and keep the original for your records.

Backorded Products
If you placed your order during the eligible time frame, the actual ship date may affect your eligibility. Check all dates on the form and proof of purchase to ensure your eligibility, including the postmark date.

Multiple Rebate Requests
If the terms of the promotion allow for more than one rebate per person or household, and only if you are sending in multiple claims for the same offer. If you are sending in claims for separate offers, they need to be mailed in separate envelopes, even if they are going to the same address.

UPC Code Requirements
Although most rebate offers require an original UPC to be submitted, there are some offers that will allow a copy. Be sure to read these requirements carefully before mailing your rebate materials. In most cases, you may not be eligible for more than one offer.

Rebate Time Frames
After receiving your rebate submission, the rebate fulfillment center may take up to 12 weeks to process and mail your claim. Please review the rebate form to determine the time frame in which your rebate will be processed.  Make sure to copy the rebate form or record contact information so that you can track the status of your rebate.

Check Rebate Status
If you have not received your rebate in 6 to 8 weeks you can check status by contacting the phone number or going to the website listed on your form.  Make sure you have your rebate form and proof of purchase handy so that your rebate can be properly tracked.

* Please note The Launch Pad does not have access to information on manufacturer rebates nor is The Launch Pad liable or responsible for rebates not received from the manufacturer.