The Launch Pad’s RevITup™ TechEd Lunch & Learn Webinar Series

The Cloud Has Finally Landed.  Should Your Company Head In?

Cloud%20CircleEveryone is talking about cloud computing but what does it mean for your business?  Is The Cloud just vaporware or is this the future of your company’s technology? 

Presented by Launch Pad CEO, Ilene Rosoff, "The Cloud Has Finally Landed. Should Your Company Head In?", The Launch Pad’s latest RevITup TechEd Series™ Webinar, discusses what The Cloud is and what it means for your company,    .

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Here is what you will learn about The Cloud from this webinar:

  • Where it is and who is running it?
  • What can your company do there?
  • What applications (SAAS) are safe, business-ready and offer the best return?
  • How secure is it and what dangers should you know about?
  • Is the desktop dead?
  • Six key reasons why your company should embrace cloud computing.