The Launch Pad’s  Easy-to-GreenIT™ Webinar Series

Simple Green Technology for Small Business

green-recycle-img-smPresented by Ilene Rosoff, CEO, of  The Launch Pad  this webinar can teach you how to identify technology “worst offenders” in your business and implement no or low cost strategies to go Green and save your company money. Join us for a complimentary lunch n’ learn webinar and learn how going Green can help your business and your community.

The Launch Pad’s Easy-to-GreenIT™ Initiative will Save Your Company Dollars!

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During this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Understand key components of Simple-Green Technology
  • Identify local resources to recycle your equipment and get paid to do it.greeen audit
  • Calculate ROI on 3, 5 and 10 year benefits of Green Technology Strategies
  • Implement 5 instant low/no-cost tips to get Green and save money
  • Spot the worst offenders within your organization
  • Turn Technology Upgrades into Community Outreach for Nonprofits through GreenBack™

    Webinar Attendees will receive a FREE  RevITup™ Easy-to-GreenIT™ Technology Audit and Score Card to immediately gain visibility into worst offenders and the simplest methods to help “Green” your business.