The Launch Pad’s RevITup™ TechEd Webinar Series

Riding the Cloud: 10 Ways to Harness Cloud Power for Your Business
 ”Virtualization”, “Private/Public Clouds”, “Mobile Apps”, “Green Computing”, “SAAS’

Cloud speak is everywhere but what does all this really mean in practical application for your business and technology planning? What are the real world implications and benefits for your business?  How would you locate and rate a Cloud Provider?  What Cloud Apps are SMBs really using… and really benefiting from?  

In Part 3 of our RevITup TechEd™ Cloud series we look at 10 key pieces you need to get a clear picture of the Cloud puzzle.  At the end of this webinar you will have a clear understanding of how to harness the power of the cloud in your business including Cloud apps that have helped businesses just like yours become more successful.  

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Here’s a quick previewLPRidingtheCloud[1]

  • Understand the playing field and who the Cloud players are.
  • Harness the power of the Cloud by learning the seven key areas of focus and the best available resources for each.
  • Discover a simple and easy formula to consistently determine what Cloud products will offer the best return for your business.
  • Learn how some companies are running their businesses and managing technology with no more than a web browser and a broadband connection.
  • Find out how you can innovate your business processes and maximize your investment within the next 30 days.