The Launch Pad’s RevITup™ TechEd Lunch & Learn Webinar Series

Who Let the Cloud In? Time to Up Your Business's Security IQ
10 Essential Internet-Critical Strategies for Securing your Business, Protecting Data and Meeting Compliance

Security%20ImageAre you suffering from misconceptions about security and your technology? You might think you’re being safe, but web threats, employee behavior, data protection and now the “Cloud” present daunting challenges for any business.  Currently, the most prevalent threat to corporate security is lack of understanding the complexity of security and compliance issues, how to identify vulnerabilities and how to implement effective security policies and tools that can be managed.    .

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Let us help raise your Business Security IQ (Internet Quotient).  Have you considered…

  • Nearly 75 percent of U.S. organizations have had a mobile device or laptop theft in the past 12 months
  • Employees spend 20 to 25% of time using the Internet for non-sanctioned purposes.
  • How secure is the cloud and what dangers should you know about?
  • What is required to build a secure, compliant and cost-efficient IT infrastructure?

data%20safeWebinar attendees will be eligible to receive a complimentary VirtualGreen Office™ Technology Assessment including a complete 3, 5, 10-year ROI (return on investment) and migration plan for virtualization and secure cloud services.