Case Study

American Marketing & Mailing Services

Industry:  Business to business printing and mailing servicescasestudy_mag
Annual Revenue:  $7 million
Number of Employees:  33
The Launch Pad Hosting Solution: Managed VPS (Virtual Private Server) - 4 separate VPS solutions

AMMS’s requires their employees to have the ability to access their internal data and applications 24/7 and their customers to process information in real-time from their web sites. However, with its previous internal infrastructure running on two different platforms, it has been difficult for American Marketing to operate its online customer service and order processing database.  Their e-mail solution had been provided by a small out-of-the-garage provider which lead to constant problems and downtime as the company grew.  That’s when the decision was made to look to outsource their internal IT applications, company web sites and company e-mail.  AMMS turned to The Launch Pad who made the recommendation for implementing four managed VPS servers that effectively spread the workload and provided their customers and employees the reliable access they needed with 100% uptime.

The Launch Pad’s managed hosting and 24/7/365 support provides AMMS with with a fully managed, cost-effective hosting solution including updates and security patches, managed backups and monitoring. Downtime for critical services such as e-mail was reduced to zero and AMMS was able to expand webserversto provide their customers with web-based template ordering using a unique barcode scanning system at the customer site.  AMMS now has reliable solutions for their specific needs and complete access to each of their servers for custom development solutions as well as website and e-mail management at a fraction of the cost of co-located servers or an in-house solution.