RevITup TechEd™ Lunch & Learn Webinar
Zen & the Art of Technology Management for The New Year


ZenTechManIs your company facing constant pressure to do more with less?  Are your business IT operations becoming more complex and involve technologies that fall outside your expertise?  Do you feel like you have lost complete understanding of your businesses IT functions? 

The Launch Pad’s CEO, Ilene Rosoff can help you develop an action plan to gain control over your businesses technology and gain peace of mind in the New Year.

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During this interactive webinar you will:

ZenBulletIdentify the top ten biggest technology myths that can cost small and medium-sized businesses  thousands of dollars.

ZenBulletLearn how to evaluate if your IT solutions are effectively supporting your business needs

ZenBulletDiscover how mobile technology can dramatically increase productivity and better response to opportunities and customer demands.

ZenBulletFind out three Zen Technology Management strategies that you can implement immediately - for free

For more information contact Megan Meisner, or 813-448-7100 x210