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On-The-Go? Ensure You Are Getting the Most Out of Your Mobile Computing Experience

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Mobile Technology is the hottest segment in the technology industry because today’s workforce is always on the go. Do you find yourself carrying around a smartphone, iPad and laptop to meet all of your business needs? Here are five tips to help manage and consolidate your mobile computing experience.

1.) Choose the right technology and consolidate when possible. Take a look at the tasks you most often perform on the go. If you are typically just catching up on email, your smartphone will be adequate. If you are updating documents, viewing presentations and keeping current on your news feeds perhaps you will have a more enjoyable experience on a netbook. And as a rule of thumb, if you are creating content rather than consuming it, a traditional laptop is the way to go. Perhaps after analyzing the main tasks you wish to perform, you will find areas where it makes sense to consolidate.  For instance, why carry around an iPod when you can listen to music on your phone?

2.) Optimize text input and navigation. Text entry drives most people nuts on smartphones and netbooks causing people to carry more mobile devices than necessary. Some smartphone models are compatible with external keyboards, but virtually all phones have alternative keyboard software available. iPhone users can download, MessagEase for bigger keys, gestures controls and increased sensitivity and accuracy.  To increase typing speed and accuracy on netbooks try a Bluetooth or USB keyboard. Continue Reading >>

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Zen & the Art of Technology Management … for Busy Executives

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The Launch Pad’s RevITup TechEd­™ Lunch & Learn Webinar Series

Date: Thursday, December 9th 2010. Miss our webinar? You are welcome to download the archieved recording and presention materials.

Is your company facing constant pressure to do more with less?  Have you lost your harmony with the dizzying array of technology choices?  Is your technology knowledge out of balance with the demands of your business? 


The Launch Pad’s CEO, Ilene Rosoff  show you the path to becoming one with your businesses technology and achieving peace of mind in the New Year.

During this  webinar you will:

Identify the top ten biggest technology myths that lead to imbalance and cost small and medium-sized businesses  thousands of dollars.

 Learn how to evaluate if your IT solutions are truly at one with business needs

Discover the path of least resistance to mobile technology to dramatically increase productivity and better response to opportunities and customer demands.

Find out three Zen Technology Management strategies that you can implement immediately - for free

All Webinar registrants will receive our latest whitepaper, “Back in Control, an Executive’s Guide to Managing Business-Critical Technology” providing a 10 point reality check list for evaluating your businesses mission-critical technology. 

For more information contact Megan Meisner, or 813-920-0788 x210

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TechRec: Complete Wireless AV HDMI Conference Room Kit

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After one too many bouts of wireless conference-room envy, we finally hit upon the perfect set of budget friendly, conference room goodies to create the cool-tech, wireless (and projector-less) AV set up we’ve been coveting.  Since we are after all a technology company, we thought it’s only fair to share.

Start your conference room renovation by picking out a flat screen TV that will best suit your space. The Philips 46″ 5000 Series LCD TV is a good choice. This inexpensive flat screen is lightweight and HDMI. You will want to choose an articulating arm bracket that allows enough space behind the system to mount all the necessary accoutrements with industrial velcro and tie wraps.  We picked the Peerless Universal Articulating Wall Mount which extends from the wall, swivels and tilts up and down allowing perfect visibility from all areas in our conference room.

The key to making your conference room system clean, wireless and projector-less is the workstation. The brain of the operation is one of the Acer Veriton Ultra-Slims with Windows 7 Pro.  Measuring just 7.6” wide and less than ½” high, this ultra-slim computer provides 2GB of memory and 160GB of storage.  The unit is so lightweight we were able to hide it from view by attaching it to the TV mounting bracket with industrial Velcro.  Continue Reading >>

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Why Should Nonprofits Care About Cloud Computing?

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If you are a small to medium-sized nonprofit, why should you care about cloud computing? Because it can save you time, money and help spare the environment.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Here is how the CyberOptic Group describes it:

Essentially, cloud computing enables computer software and hardware resources to be accessed over the Internet without the need to have any detailed or specific knowledge of the infrastructure used to deliver the resources, much like a utility model. You really don’t need to know what the phone company or electric company does on there end to enable calls and allow the lights to go on when you flip the switch; and you really don’t want to know as long as when you plug into it, it works.

I bet many of you are using a form of cloud computing without knowing it. Current examples are Gmail, Yahoo mail, Google Docs, Salesforce, and Microsoft Office Live Workspace. They are often called Software as a Service (SaaS). A company provides access to their software applications over the Internet and you access it through your web-browser. If you are using email hosted by a company, like one of those mentioned above, you and your staff don’t have to manage an in-house email server like Exchange. You simply sign up for the accounts and all the back-end stuff is handled for you.

Continue Reading >>

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TechRec: Microsoft’s LifeCam Studio Webcam – It’s Just Like Being There.

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Microsoft has upped the ante by launching the first ever high definition webcam. The LifeCam Studio offers a true 1080p senor for unmatched video recording and web conferencing.  Simply put, the LifeCam Studio is the next best thing to being there in person. Perfect for consumers and business professionals alike – the 16:9 widescreen allows for a board recording area and displays amazing detail.

The LifeCam provides smooth, detailed video and  auto-focuses from any distance.  Whether the sun is beaming in through a window or the only light available is the light off the computer monitor - the camera delivers bright and colorful video, in virtually all lighting conditions.  The webcam is designed to accommodate traditional PCs or comes with a tripod mount for a horizontal surface. Looking for another perk? You can toss the crappy headset, in addition to the excellent video quality, the LifeCam comes standard with a High-Fidelity Microphone making online presentation crystal clear. Continue Reading >>

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